I am beyond happy with this song! It’s so energetic and beautiful but kicks with some crazy gnarly synths. Really really excited for Adam!

Feel free to let me know if any of them are wrong but I think it’s pretty close! 


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Song: Tokyo (feat. SEKAI NO OWARI)
Artist: Owl City
Album: Tokyo (feat. SEKAI NO OWARI) - Single



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Song: You're Not Alone [Radio Rip]
Artist: Owl City ft. Britt Nicole
Album: You're Not Alone - Single
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Oh deer…

Not Owl City related but a little dear wondered into my front garden so I took a picture! Deer are rad…

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Sky Pilot - man of god

Happy Birthday to the most inspiration person in my life. Thank you Adam for all that you have given me and your fans. You’re a true man of god. I hope you have an incredible day, God bless. adamyoungofficial 

Wolf Bite by @owlcityofficial mini lyric video| Rad song Adam!

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Took some pictures of the sky last night and had my breath taken away. In that moment I was reminded of Owl City and how through his music Adam tries to remind us of all the beauty in the world that God has given to us. Vast systems of stars and galaxies that stretch far beyond our own comprehension. It’s a universe filled with wonder just hanging above out little heads. 

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And then somehow this happened I promise I don’t do drugs

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Rehearsals. Gonna be fun playing this live.

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Taken in Southern Minnesota just after a storm.

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