Does anyone else only listen to certain songs or projects depending on your current mood and or where you are? For example: I “save” Sky Sailing and Port Blue for only when I’m in a great mood and in an place that fits the theme of the music. I almost don’t want to ruin them. Associate bad things with something so special and important to me. It makes the moments I do listen to the songs, so much more special. I can’t tell you how many songs I’ve ruined because I listened to the same playlist in school over and over again. Now when I listen to them all I can think about is being bored and frustrated in class.
My favorite Port Blue album is the Pacific EP and I made sure to save it until I visited Seattle Washington last summer. I’m so glad I did. Sitting the near the Puget sound enjoying the beautiful waves and letting songs like June Bug, The Pacific and Blue Marlin be my soundtrack. I can hardly fathom something more prefect than those moments.

Stumbled upon an old screenshot on my phone. Caption look familiar?

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Beautiful Times

It’s so nice to have an Owl City song that’s actually aware of the hardships in life. It’s not just about escaping reality to find happiness, or daydreaming of what it could be. Instead it acknowledges the problems head on. You’ll question why you’re stuck in these rough waters and feel like there’s nothing but darkness ahead. But one day a light will peek out and guide you to safety. “But I’m gunna survive, Oh Oh these are beautiful times.”
Beautiful Times could be one of the most important OC songs.

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"A spark soaring down through the pouring rain,

And restoring life to the light house”

Beautiful Times by Owl City feat. Lindsey Stirling

Texting conversation between Adam and Arnold

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Owl City IS a state of mind, not a place…

I really love that quote. I think it sums up my feelings towards the project really well. Considering getting it tattooed on my arm.

If you want a version of this picture without Adam (good for phone backgrounds) you can find it here - [X]

To the Sky - Owl City

Music Video

Some of my favorites shots from such a beautifully filmed music video ^.^

"the back of my closed eyelids were a silver screen and I was a sentimental projectionist with hundreds of fanciful reels at hand, all ready to roll."

Who is Lindsey Stirling? →


For the HootOwls who are just now hearing about Lindsey Stirling I’d love to share some information about her. A “crash” course if you will! I’m as much of a “Stirlingite” as I am a “HootOwl”.

-She is a “Hip Hop Violinist” (Basically some rad dubstep mixed with the violin)

-She’s most known for…

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adam how do u even face.

gotta love this man, he seems just as excited about new music as we are! bless.


Adam Young in a “Sounds Magazine” Interview Circa 2013

Watch here - ಠ_ಠ